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Fruit of the Loom

at Wordans Norway

Fruit of the Loom T-shirts for all Occasions

Despite the fact they are often unbranded apart from the label, Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are some of the world's most popular clothing garments along with Levi jeans, Nike sneakers and Dickies overalls. Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are extremely versatile, great for casual wear in warm weather or for layering in the colder months. They are also perfect for printing, with corporate logos, fashion branding and commemorative photos among some of the most common ways Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are customized.

In addition to the use of premium materials making them comfortable and durable with individual buyers, these garments are extremely popular with clothing store owners who buy them in bulk before reselling them. Wordans is the number one destination for buying Fruit of the Loom t-shirts in bulk due to our unrivaled wholesale prices on large orders, perfect for restocking your store or boutique without overspending. So, check out our range today, you’re sure to find exactly what you're looking for with our extensive selection of colors, sizes and styles.

Get Fruit of the Loom Sweatpants from Wordans

Just like their t-shirts, Fruit of the Loom sweatpants are also best sellers at Wordans. They are comfortable, and guaranteed to last thanks to the high quality fabrics used, which makes them perfect for different uses. They are often worn casually around the house or when running errands, or for trips to the park to walk the dog. Many people even pair them with a Fruit of the Loom sweatshirt or hoodie of the same color to make a trendy sweatsuit set.

Fruit of the Loom sweatpants are extremely adaptable for a number of different situations. They are great for keeping your legs warm and supple before and after sporting activities, which is why many coaches and team administrators purchase them bulk. Wordans is the best place to find wholesale Fruit of the Loom sweatpants for men, women or children, check out our selection or contact us to find out how we can help you.

Fruit of the Loom Underwear: Comfort made affordable

Fruit of the Loom underwear is also one of the brand’s bestsellers, enjoyed by consumers of all ages and sizes thanks to the array of unique designs and comfortable materials used across the range. For example, Fruit of the Loom boxers are available in a number of different variations including striped, checkered, polka dotted and with floral prints.

You can find all types of Fruit of the Loom men’s underwear including thermals, undershirts and boxers, as well as Fruit of the Loom briefs and boxer briefs. This extensive range of options has enabled Fruit of the Loom underwear to become the go-to option for men of all ages, who enjoy the different fabric options such as 100% cotton, 4 way stretch, Eversoft®, QuickDry and moisture wicking. Fruit of the Loom women’s underwear is also extremely popular with their range including bikinis, boy shorts, briefs, hi-cuts and thermals, as well as Fruit of the Loom bras.

So, if you’re looking for Fruit of the Loom Men’s underwear, Wordan’s is sure to have what you need. We have the lowest wholesale prices, especially on bulk orders, and we guarantee a speedy delivery thanks to our vast network of warehouses across the world.

Fruit of the Loom Logo Over the Years

It is a well known fact that the Fruit of the Loom logo has undergone a number of makeovers since it was first introduced, but not many people know that the brand actually spent the first 42 years of its existence without a logo at all. The brand was already starting to build its reputation and customer base nationally when the first version of the logo was introduced in 1893.

  • The original consisted of a lifelike drawing of an apple, two types of grapes and some berries (the same fruits we see in the logo today), on a cloudy background, with the brand name in an arc shaped frame above it.
  • The second iteration of the Fruit of the Loom logo came in 1927 and saw some slight moderations from the original version. The design was largely the same, with the frame in a horizontal oval shape instead of a square before. The fruits remained, although with slightly less detail, while the brand name was placed directly above the picture in an arc shape, rather than in a frame.
  • 1936 saw the most drastic change in the Fruit of the Loom logo with the painting replaced by a gold emblem with the fruits and brand name appearing to be 3D. This simpler style reflected the trends of the time, which favored more modest and understated designs.
  • The 1951 edition didn’t deviate too much from the previous version. The shape and design of the logo were roughly the same, although the background of the emblem was made much lighter. Vibrant colors were also added to the fruits to give the logo a brighter and more modern feel.
  • The Fruit of the Loom logo was redesigned again 11 years later in what was a drastic move away from previous designs. Gone were the visual elements like the emblem of picture frame and background, and they were replaced with a white ellipse shape, with the largely unchanged fruits sat on top of it. The brand name was written in large capital letters below the fruit with the letters F and L in a larger size. The rest of the words Fruit and Loom were also underlined in red.
  • The 1978 version is probably the most recognisable to consumers today, who will have become familiar with this design, which was used up to the early 21st century. It was largely similar to the 1962 version, the differences were; a thinner ellipse, a lower level of detail on the fruit drawings (they now resembled cartoon drawings), all letters were the same size and the red underlines were removed. The slogan “UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED” was added below the brand name, giving the logo a more official look than previously seen.
  • The current version of the Fruit of the Loom log has been in use since 2003. As with most modern logos in the digital age, it has been stripped back and simplified. It now features a relatively basic, much larger drawing of the original selection of fruits with the brand name below.

The Fruit of the Loom Cornucopia, Real or Revisionism?

The legend of the Fruit of the Loom cornucopia is believed to be a humorous representation of the “Mandela Effect”. This term describes large groups of people having the same inaccurate memory of a historical event, person or concept. In terms of the Fruit of the Loom logo, debates have raged on over whether or not it has ever featured a cornucopia behind the fruits ever since the 5th edition was released in 1962.

According to the Fruit of the Loom website, which details the history of the logo, there has never been a cornucopia on any iteration of it. However, many people remember their being one on the 1962 and 1978 versions of the logo, which has led to a whole host of conspiracy theories. One thing we’re sure of at Wordans is that the Fruit of the Loom cornucopia isn’t visible on any of their current apparel. Don’t believe us? Why not get some wholesale Fruit of the Loom t-shirts from us and find out for yourself?

Fruit of the Loom History: Over 170 years of excellence

Fruit of the Loom was founded in 1851 when Benjamin and Robert Knight, a pair of siblings who were already successful businessmen, started the “B.B. and R. Knight Corporation”. This was a textile manufacturing company that operated from their mill in Rhode Island, focused on producing high quality fabrics for multiple purposes. In 1856 the brothers decided to change the name of the company to “Fruit of the Loom”, inspired by the high sales of the fabrics that had fruits drawn on them.

In the early days of the Fruit of the Loom history, the company’s main focus was selling fabrics for people who made their own clothes at home, as well as ready-made garments such as shirts, pajamas, nightshirts and nightgowns. They also produced bedsheets and pillow cases during this time. However, the 20th century saw a sharp increase in mass production of ready-to-wear clothing, which drastically reduced the demand for fabric, causing Fruit of the Loom to completely shift its attention towards clothing alone.

The brand remained popular in the 1920s as the business model pivoted to focus on becoming the main textile provider for underwear manufacturers like the Union Underwear Company, which helped Fruit of the Loom cement itself in the clothing market. This remained the case until the mid 1980s, when Fruit of the Loom underwent a huge restructuring process which led to another shift in strategy. They decided to become an apparel brand which specialized in casualwear such as t-shirts, as well as sports apparel, which proved successful thanks to best-sellers such as their famous pocket t-shirt.

Despite a number of business issues at different points of Fruit of the Loom’s history, the brand has remained an industry leader. It was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway in 2002, before Fruit of the Loom acquired The Russell Corporation, which included well known sports brands Russell Athletic and Spalding, in 2006. These moves stabilized the brand, enabling it to increase wholesale production and grow into the number one high quality blank apparel provider that it is today.

Fruit of the Loom Wholesale Apparel from Wordans

Fruit of the Loom wholesale t-shirts are the brands number one bestseller, and for good reason. Whether you’re an apparel store owner, budding fashion designer, or HR professional in need of t-shirts to print your company’s logo on for the staff, Fruit of the Loom has what you need. Even individual buyers who prefer to buy in bulk would benefit from choosing this brand, and Wordans is the best place to find Fruit of the Loom wholesale apparel for any purpose. We can manage orders of any size with the lowest wholesale prices guaranteed. Additionally, thanks to our vast network of warehouses, we promise the fastest possible delivery times and lowest costs. Check out our Fruit of the Loom range today to see for yourself!